Jewelry & Gifts

Ohio Shaped Pendants, enamel on copper, 18" steel chain $25 ea.

Ohio Shaped, Heart Shaped & Diamond Shaped Stained Glass Pendants, 18" steel chain, $25 ea.

Lucky Wedding Penny Charm Cards made from kiln fired enameled copper penny. Card is made from 100% up-cycled materials. Penny is meant to be tied to bridal bouquet or dress for good luck. $18 each

Encased Glass Necklaces, steel chain, nickel free 18", up-cycled materials and glass pendants, $25 each

Encased Ohio Shaped Glass Pendant Necklace, up-cycled materials and glass pendant, steel, nickel free chain, 18", $25 each

Stained Glass Origami Birds, $35. ea  Available to purchase via Etsy