Frequent Questions


  • What is the price range of a restored vintage refrigerator?
Our refrigerators range from $2200-2500. The cost depends on the type of model refrigerator and how involved the custom design is. 

  • What is included in the price?
The price of the refrigerator covers the purchase of the antique refrigerator, complete restoration and design of the unit. We work with our clients to develop a design. A complete inspection and testing of the refrigeration unit. Any necessary updates and repairs. 

  • How much is shipping?
Shipping varies upon location and the type of service you need. All shipping must be quoted on an individual basis. Please submit your request for a shipping quote by emailing your zip code, tell us if it is going to a business or residence and if a lift gate is required. 

  • Am I able to pick up my retro refrigerator from your location?
Yes, pick up is always free of charge. We will assist you with loading the unit onto your truck. Appointment is required.

  • What is the restoration process?
We choose refrigerators that are from 1950 or earlier. We then strip down the paint and do any "body work" needed to eliminate dents, scratches or any other damage from years of use. All hardware and trim is removed and then polished. Gaskets are replaced. The interior is cleaned thoroughly and any modifications needed are made. The cabinet, door, kick-plate and hinges are primed and then refinished in automotive grade paint with clear coat. The finish is buffed to a smooth, beautiful shine. The condensing unit is inspected and checked for leaks. A licensed refrigeration specialist performs all repairs and inspections. Electrical components are updated and replaced with new cords and plugs. We keep all original condensers because they work quietly and for years to come. Their simple design is what makes these American made appliance so reliable.

  • How long does the restoration take?
Our custom orders take approximately 8 weeks to complete.

  • What colors do you offer?
We can mix any color you like. Just offer a color sample and we can match it. We can also add effects to the color such as metallics and pearls.

  • Is an antique refrigerator energy efficient?
Yes. Modern refrigerators have automatic defrosters. When the refrigerator goes into defrost mode it heats the unit up and then temperature must cool back down once the defrost mode is complete. This occurs on a daily basis using up energy.

Antique refrigerators are manually defrosted therefore they are not using extra energy everyday to defrost. Antique refrigerators also have a latched door that offer a tight seal when closed. Less air escapes with this system in comparison to the magnetic seals of today's models. We also replace the insulation,wiring and door gaskets with new that improve its energy efficiency. Lastly, the mechanical components have one moving part that cools the unit. This simple yet functional design uses only 2-3 amps. Compare that to the 9-10 amps modern appliances use!