Sunday, May 24, 2015

Get a retro look without buying a whole appliance!

We have been trying something new at Retro Revival! Wall art made from refrigerator doors! Check out this Guinness themed door we made especially for an Irish festival we did a few weeks ago. The door came from a parts fridge. A perfect way to up-cycle a unit that is no longer functional. This piece is furnished with heavy duty hooks and can be installed on your wall. It's a conversation piece that is sure to add to the festive atmosphere of your pub room, man cave or kitchen.


  1. Absolutely loving the collection! Specially the refrigerators. I just wish you could add bags and shoes as well. Nothing says Retro more than a good pair pf shoes and a classy handbag!

    1. Thank you! I collect vintage purses and most likely will begin selling them!