Getting Back into the Game

About five years ago was the last time I worked an art/craft sale. It was the best sale I ever had. It seemed I was finally getting my work out there after struggling to balance my day job and making art after hours. I was making enamel on copper paintings. I've always enjoyed this medium because it combined painting in the form of fused glass on copper. Fused enamel has a luminescent quality, and I enjoyed making layer upon layer of transparent color and patterns.

Shortly after my most successful sale, I discovered I was pregnant! Needless to say we were pleasantly surprised and excited about the arrival of our daughter. However, I was concerned that working with the enamels would harm the baby, I quit making art and focused my energy on preparations for our daughter's birth.

As most first time moms, I was unrealistic as to what I could accomplish once the baby arrived. Priorities instantly changed and my ambitions to continue working on my art became less important. Fast forward to now, I am gaining my creativity back and getting inspired to put myself back "out there". The kiln will get fired up again. In the meantime, crocheting has provided the creative outlet I need. I can work on it just about anywhere and I can work in short spurts as they are available to me.

Scarf in autumnal tones, acrylic


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