Challenge vs. to do list

Okay, last night was a disappointment. I had ambition to get some reading done and start a new project. Although I knew in my head that these things would not be accomplished until after my daughter was in bed and I got some food in my belly! Well, neither of those things happened until late into the evening and I was spent. Everyday that I don't get to do things that I want to do I excuse for the fact that I need down time. Mindless, vegetative, downtime! However when I have downtime it usually means falling asleep next my Rhodesian Ridgeback on the couch.

Perhaps what I need is to take baby steps to create something each day. No matter how small, unsuccessful or incomplete. Then I will at least wake up in the morning without the feeling of complete failure but a sense that I least tried.

So here it is, I vow to myself I will post a picture (tomorrow) of something I created today. No matter if I am satisfied with the finished product, I will show it for all to see.